When you create a new world in Topia it will come with one of our scenes or templates pre-populated. The scene can be changed at any time - you can choose from a collection of our scenes or start from a blank slate. Each scene can be further customized to fit your needs.

πŸ“ Change the Scene
🎨 Create a New Scene
πŸ›’ Marketplace
πŸŽ’ How to Access the Marketplace

πŸ›οΈ Purchase a Scene
🌈 Update the Background Color

πŸ“ Change the Scene

Only the World Owner can change the scene in a world. Follow these steps to update the scene in your world:

  • Go to your world

  • Click the Library icon

  • Click Topia Scenes

  • Select a scene and click the Drop icon to place it in your world or the Replace icon to replace everything in the world with the scene selected

🎨 Create a New Scene

Easily save your world as a scene so that you can use it again in the future. Only the World Owner can create a scene. Follow these simple steps to save your own scene:

  • Inside your world, click the Library icon

  • Click Create Scene

  • Add a name and description

  • Click Save Scene

Your scene will now appear in the β€œMy Scenes” menu and can apply this scene to any world in which you are the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scenes

When can I use a scene

A scene can be dragged and placed anywhere in a world that you own.

Drop Scene vs. Replace Scene

  • Drop: An entire scene can be dropped and added to the current layout of a world. The scene can be dragged and placed anywhere in a world that you own or are an admin to.

  • Replace: As a world owner, you have the ability to replace the entire layout of a world with a scene.

πŸ›’ Marketplace

Making a unique and interesting world on Topia just got easier! πŸŽ‰ The Topia Marketplace is a space for artists and creators to sell (or offer as a gift) Topia Scenes.

πŸŽ’ How to Access the Marketplace

  • From any Topia world click on the Marketplace icon on the toolbar and choose All Scenes

  • On the All Marketplace Scenes page, browse the available Scenes

    • Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger version, or

    • Click on the Preview icon to view a life-size, immersive version of the scene. (This will open a new tab with a preview world so that you can have the full experience. The preview world will only exist for 10 minutes.)

πŸ›οΈ Purchase a Scene

You can only place a scene that you purchase from the marketplace inside a world that you own.

  • Click Purchase

  • Enter Payment Method or choose from your existing payment methods*

  • Click Pay

Once your payment is successfully processed, the Scene that you purchased will appear in the My Scenes section of your library which can be accessed by clicking the Library icon. The individual assets from the Scene that you purchased will also appear in the My Assets section of your Library.

*Payments on Topia are processed by Stripe. We do not collect or store payment information.

Can I return a Scene that I've already purchased?

No, it is not currently possible to return a Scene that you purchase.

All submissions to the marketplace are considered User Submissions and are subject to Topia's Terms of Service. If you believe that any marketplace scene infringes or violates your intellectual property rights, please send a formal takedown notice to [email protected].

🌈 Update the Background Color

You can change the background color of your world using a hex code, click here to learn more.

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