Confluencer Program

💰 Earn Commissions on Topia

🔗 Creating an Attribution Link

📝 Sign Up to Collect Commissions

💸 Commission Details

Confluencer Program

Create awesome - get paid.

Step #1 Create your world

Simply subscribe to a Community plan. You can use a premade scene, purchase one from the marketplace, or create your own.

Step #2 Connect your account

Complete your partner profile by adding your banking and tax information. You’ll get commissions you earned in the past too.

Step #3 Share and earn

When people enter your world or click through your attribution, you’ll earn up to 30% of all their purchases and subscriptions.

💰 Earn Commissions on Topia

As a world owner on Topia, you can earn commissions for bringing people together! When someone enters your world or clicks through your attribution link, you’ll earn up to 30% of all their purchases and subscriptions.

🔗 Creating an Attribution Link

Simply share a url using the following format:

  • Replace PAGE with the world or page that you'd like to direct people to (it can be a world that is owner by someone else or a Topia website page, like

  • Replace ATTRIBUTION with the world you would like to attribute the commissions to (this is likely a world that you own).

📝 Sign Up to Collect Commissions

To ensure that you receive payouts of the commissions that you earn, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your account and navigate to

  • Click Partner Stats

  • Click Connect to Receive Payments

  • Follow the instructions from Stripe (our payment processor)

💸 Commission Details

  • How do I earn money?

    You earn 10% of all purchases made by anyone who first visited Topia via your world (“First Attribution”).

    We’ll also send you up to 20% of purchases made by people who find human connection, have fun, and create shared experiences in your worlds (“Confluencer Attribution”).

  • How long do commissions last?

    First Attribution lasts for that user’s lifetime, meaning if you bring someone into Topia for the first time, you will get 10% of their purchases forever. Confluencer Attribution is calculated by our team and evolves as the platform does. We may also adjust or add ways to earn money.

  • Do I earn anything for teaching other people how to earn commissions in Topia?To align our community around teaching each other to create experiences that bring people together, you’ll be sent 10% of any commissions earned by people that have First Attribution or Confluencer Attribution in your worlds (“2nd Level Attribution”). Don’t worry, this doesn’t reduce their payouts!

  • How and when do I get paid?

    Every Thursday we’ll automatically send payments to your bank account via Stripe.

  • Where can I find analytics and performance data on my worlds?

    Check out for more.

  • Any rules I should keep in mind while doing this?

    As always, we simply ask you to please abide by our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Code of Conduct. It’s also possible we’ll have to clarify or change policies in the future - we’ll work closely with you and our community if that’s the case.

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