👛 Add an Ethereum Blockchain Based Wallet

Add your Ethereum-based blockchain wallet to Topia so that you can display verified ERC-721 NFTs in our social metaverse experience!

  • Install an Ethereum wallet to your browser, by downloading the browser extension and linking the corresponding account (MetaMask, Coinbase, etc.). Make sure the wallet browser extension is running and enabled

  • Select the My Account icon on the upper left corner of the toolbar. to open the My Account drawer

  • Select Manage Wallets

  • In the Manage Wallets page, click Add Your Wallet. This will open a separate window to the specific wallet you previously installed

  • Select which account you would like to associate to your Topia account and authenticate the wallet

  • Once completed you will see the address of the wallet that was added

👾 Display Your NFTs in World as Assets

You can create your own gallery of verified NFTs or display your NFTs within an existing world of larger collections. After adding your wallet, it's super simple to import your ERC-721 NFTs, and start placing them in your world as assets!

  • Click the Library icon in the bottom half of the toolbar to open the Library drawer.

  • Select My NFT’s

  • You will see any ERC 721 NFTs that were loaded into Topia. (Accepted files types are png, jpg and mp4)

  • Click on the Drop icon and click again to place the NFT as an asset in your world. Each NFT can be displayed in only one world at a time

  • Hover over the asset and click the pencil icon

  • Click Edit to open the Modify Asset drawer

  • At the bottom, just above the asset’s preview image is Asset Scale. Use the slider or the up/down arrows to change the scale of the asset. The size can be shrunk down to 1% or enlarged up to 200%

  • When you hover your cursor over the asset, a Verified NFT badge will appear on the bottom of it. When clicked, the NFT Owner Profile will display, showing the NFT's owner, their brief bio and ways to connect to them. The drawer also shows links to the NFT on OpenSea and Etherscan

🖼 Droppable NFT Collections

The power to create an NFT dropping party is now at your fingertips in seconds. Grab an NFT collection's contract address, and add it to the NFT Collections page in your World Settings to allow guests to start dropping NFTs in that collection in the world at will! Indeed, this is collaborative world building at its best.

  • Click the World Settings icon in the bottom half of the toolbar to open the World Settings drawer

  • Under Guest Controls select NFT Collections

  • Add your favorite NFT collection's contact address, and the default size you want the dropped NFTs in the world to be

  • Click Add Contract Address

Invite guests who have NFTs in the same collection, and watch an instant NFT exhibition come to life!

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