Since our last pricing update 5 months ago, we’ve collected and synthesized feedback from our incredible community of users and partners. Based on these insights, we are evolving our pricing and plans to be more user focused, making differences between plans clearer, and simplifying the default plan capacity math.

What’s changing?

(1) We’re making a few updates to Demo

Demo will no longer include the ability to designate multiple admins and gate world access using a password, required authentication, guest list, or an NFT collection. Also, 10 user capacity is included. We recommend this plan for individuals and small teams just starting out on Topia.

(2) Standard and Performance are being replaced by Plus and Pro, and Demo

Plus will include all Demo features, plus unlimited broadcasting and screen sharing, a custom URL, multiple admins, and all gate world access features. These are the same features that are currently in Standard. We recommend this plan for online communities, nonprofits and educators.

Pro will include all Plus features, plus the ability to use either peer to peer or SFU technology to support video and audio connections. Additionally, Pro plans will have priority support and live chat, advanced analytics and recording (advanced analytics and recording will be released at a later date). We recommend this plan for larger teams and organizations.

Any world owners who have subscribed to a Standard, Performance, or Community plan previously will stay on the same plan with the same pricing. However, we will no longer be offering new Standard and Performance subscriptions. Also, world owners who keep their Standard plan will receive all Plus features, and world owners who keep their Performance plan will receive all Pro features.

(3) We’ve simplified the plan math

Plus will have the same additional user capacity cost as Standard ($1 per user), the price starts at $20, and includes 20 base user capacity. Pro will have the same user capacity cost as Performance ($4 per user), the price starts at $100, and includes 25 base user capacity.

This means that there’s no more difficult math when it comes to calculating your total capacity. If you want 50 users on your Plus plan, it will cost $50 (50 users x $1). If you want 100 users on your Plus plan, it will cost $400 (100 users x $4).

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