✉️  Messages

How do I send a message in Topia?

💌  Sending a Direct Message

If you are in a world and connect to another person's video, you have the option to send them a private message. Once you exchange a DM with someone, you can stay in touch in the future even if you aren't connected via video 😊.

  • When you are connected to their video, hover over the middle of their video screen and click on the Message button that appears on the left

  • A conversation will open in the Messages drawer on the left side of the screen

  • Enter your message and click Send (or hit enter on your keyboard)


💬   Global Chat

Message a whole group of people with ease by using Global Chat. If you head on over to your Messages button on the toolbar, you can start sending group messages in these 4 channels:

People Connected to Me*

Everyone you are currently connected to

Private Zones*

Only seen by guests within a Private Zone

Everyone in World*

All guests in a world regardless of where they are

Moderators in World

Only for Moderator currently in the world

Messages in these channels are session-based, and will be cleared after your session ends, you refresh or you portal to another world.

* As an admin, you can toggle this on and off in World Settings.

Frequently asked questions about sending a message in Topia

Who can I send a message to on Topia?

  • You can send a message to anyone who you are connected to via video. Once you have messaged someone, you will be able to send them messages anytime (not just when you are connected).
  • We think it's important to talk to someone face-to-face before sliding into their DMs 😉.

What happens when I message someone on Topia?

  • When you send a message to someone on Topia, the Messages icon on their screen (on the toolbar) will be highlighted with a blue dot to notify them that there is an unread message.
  • When you open the Messages drawer, new messages that are unread will be highlighted with the blue unread indicator.

Can I send a file, emoji, images, etc. via message?

  • Right now, messages are limited to text-only. We plan to add additional messaging features in the future.

Can I delete or archive a message?

  • It is not currently possible to delete or archive messages in Topia.

Is it possible to message a guest or group in a different part of the world?

  • We believe that face-to-face interactions are imperative to building meaningful relationships. So, we've designed Topia to optimize for face-to-face (e.g. video) conversations.
  • 1:1 messaging is limited to messages with people who you’ve connected to via video or the group of guests you currently are connected to.