🏗  Changing the Ordering of Assets

There are times when you need to change the layering of a group of assets, like when placing a sign on top of a table or putting a large background image behind an entire scene. Follow these simple steps to change how the assets layer:

  • Make sure Edit Mode is on and the Edit toggle on the toolbar is blue

  • Hover over the asset you’d like to adjust and click the pencil icon

  • Click Edit to open the Modify Asset drawer and then click Layers

For Top Layer Assets:

  • Under Modify Top Layer, click Backwards or Forwards to modify the position of the Top Asset You can also add an exact number of pixels in the text field.

  • This adds or subtracts a region of transparent pixels at the base of an asset allowing the layering order to change. Adding pixels will make the asset more likely to appear in front of other nearby assets. Subtracting pixels will make the asset more likely to appear behind other nearby assets.

For Bottom Layer Assets:

  • To modify the Bottom Layer Order of the asset, select Move to Back or Move to Front. Moving to back will send the bottom layer of the asset behind all nearby back layers.

Sending multiple to the back will preserve order in which they were placed, but behind all other neighbors.