🪙  Understanding the Flip Point

Every foreground asset has an area known as the flip point.

  • This horizontal line is where your avatar goes from being in front to being behind a top layer of the asset when approaching it from below.

  • The height for the asset "flip" happens approximately 45 pixels from the base of a foreground asset.

You can add an invisible area to the bottom of an image before it's uploaded to adjust for where the flip happens.

Manually Changing Level of the Flip Point

For an uploaded and placed asset, with a little trial and error, you can manually adjust where the flip point happens.

  • Make sure Edit Mode is on and the Edit toggle on the toolbar is blue

  • Hover over the asset you’d like to adjust and click the pencil icon

  • Click Edit to open the Modify Asset drawer and then click Layers

  • Under Modify Top Layer, click Backwards or Forwards multiple times to modify the position of the Flip Point. You can also add or subtract an exact number of pixels in the text field

  • This adds or subtracts a region of transparent pixels at the base of an asset allowing the flip point to change

    • Adding pixels makes the flip point happen lower than the level it would normal occur

    • Subtracting pixels makes the flip point happen higher up on the asset (see example below)