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🗺️  World Map

Get an aerial view of the world

🗺️  Viewing the World Map
🔄  Create & Update the World Map in Your World


🗺️  Viewing the World Map

The world map is a snapshot image of the world. To access the map of the world:

  • Click on the This World icon on the toolbar

  • Choose World Map to get a birds eye view of the entire world. If the button is disabled (not clickable) that means the world owner has not yet generated a map of the world

Note: The map is not interactive and will not automatically reflect future updates.


🔄  Create & Update the World Map in Your World

As the world owner or a specific admin role, you can update the world map to include recent changes you make to the world. Follow these steps to generate a new version of the map:

  • Click the World Settings icon on the toolbar to open the World Settings drawer

  • Click Layout & Location

  • On the Layout & Location page, under Create World Map, click the Create Map button. After a few seconds, your world map will be updated to the current snapshot

  • Collapse the page by clicking the ❘← icon in the top right corner or close the page and drawer by clicking on the in the drawer

Tips & Tricks

  • The map does not update automatically. The World Owner must click the button in the Layout and Location page to generate a new map.

  • If the map icon is disabled - no map has been created yet for the world.

  • If you're hosting a conference or festival, you can temporarily add text assets to your world like "MUSIC AREA" or "BLUE STAGE" over an area of your world. Then create the map (so the directions live in the map) and then delete the text assets in your world.