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👈  Clickable Embeds

How to add a link to an interactive collaborative app into your world.

Interactivity and participation are foundational parts of the Topia platform. There are many widgets and embed options available to help your participants immerse into your environment!

👈  Clickable Embeds

Every asset in your world can become clickable, making your Topia experience more immersive. Clicking on an asset can display text or an uploaded image; open a website (embed or in a new tab), a video, a web hosted image or pdf; let you portal to another Topia world, or teleport to another location within the same world.

Though we do not currently have any built in apps within Topia, you can use any asset to link to your favorite collaborative website app, or widget. Depending on what collaborative app you use, you may need to use the unique "share link" url of the session you are having people join. When this link is used, users who click the asset will join the same unique session. Most websites allow an app to open within an embedded frame within Topia. If not, the app will open in a new browser tab.

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