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👪  Make money by bringing people together

Earn by bringing people together in Topia

♻️  Confluencer Program
💰  Earn Commissions on Topia
🔗  Creating an Attribution Link
📝  Sign Up to Collect Commissions
💸  Commission Details


♻️  Confluencer Program

Create awesome - get paid.

Step #1 Create your world

Simply subscribe to a paid plan. You can use a premade scene, purchase one from the marketplace, or create your own.

Step #2 Connect your account

Complete your partner profile by adding your banking and tax information. You’ll get commissions you earned in the past too.

Step #3 Share and earn

When people enter your world or click through your attribution, you’ll earn up to 30% of all their purchases and subscriptions.


💰  Earn Commissions on Topia

As a world owner on Topia, you can earn commissions for bringing people together! When someone enters your world or clicks through your attribution link, you’ll earn up to 30% of all their purchases and subscriptions.


🔗  Creating an Attribution Link

Simply share a url using the following format:


  • Replace PAGE with the world or page that you'd like to direct people to (it can be a world that is owned by someone else or a Topia website page, like topia.io/t/create-world)

  • Replace ATTRIBUTION with the world you would like to attribute the commissions to (this is likely a world that you own).


📝  Sign Up to Collect Commissions

To ensure that you receive payouts of the commissions that you earn, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your account and navigate to topia.io/hub

  • Click Partner Stats

  • Click Connect to Receive Payments

  • Follow the instructions from Stripe (our payment processor)


💸  Commission Details

How do I earn money?

  • You earn 10% of all purchases made by anyone who first visited Topia via your world (“First Attribution”).
  • We’ll also send you up to 20% of purchases made by people who find human connection, have fun, and create shared experiences in your worlds (“Visitor Attribution”).

How long do commissions last?

  • First Attribution lasts for that user’s lifetime, meaning if you bring someone into Topia for the first time, you will get 10% of their purchases forever. Confluencer Attribution is calculated by our team and evolves as the platform does. We may also adjust or add ways to earn money.

Do I earn anything for teaching other people how to earn commissions in Topia?

  • To align our community around teaching each other to create experiences that bring people together, you’ll be sent 10% of any commissions earned by people that have First Attribution or Confluencer Attribution in your worlds (“2nd Level Attribution”). Don’t worry, this doesn’t reduce their payouts!

How and when do I get paid?

  • Every Thursday we’ll automatically send payments to your bank account via Stripe.

Where can I find analytics and performance data on my worlds?

Any rules I should keep in mind while doing this?

  • As always, we simply ask you to please abide by our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Code of Conduct. It’s also possible we’ll have to clarify or change policies in the future - we’ll work closely with you and our community if that’s the case.