👣  Moving Around

Once you're in a world, just click to move in the direction you'd like to go. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move. On a touch screen, simply tap where you’d like to go and you will walk to that spot.

When you get close to others, you will be able to see and hear them (up to 9 other participants/users). To leave a conversation, simply walk away, just as if you were mingling at a live event.

If you are in a world and connect with someone's video, you have the option to send them a private message. Once you exchange a direct message with someone in Topia, you can stay in touch in the future even if you aren't connected via video 😊.

⌨️ Keyboard-only user experience

To navigate Topia using only your keyboard, utilize the following keyboard commands:

Key Action
Tab Navigate focus through sections and indexable elements
Shift + Tab Reverse navigate focus through sections and indexable elements
Esc Removes focus from the current element Closes modals, pages, and drawers if no element is in focus
Enter Interact with an element
Space Interact with an element
Up Navigate within an element group Move avatar up
Left Navigate within an element group Move avatar left
Down Navigate within an element group Move avatar down
Right Navigate within an element group Move avatar right
W Move avatar up
A Move avatar left
S Move avatar down
D Move avatar right
E Open expression container
M Audio on/off (Self)
V Video on/off (Self)

👈  Interacting with the World

Have you noticed that some images magically increase in size when you hover over them? 🍄. No, your eyes are not deceiving you! This just means that the object. is an interactive object you can click!

👀  Zoom In & Out

You can also utilize the zoom in / zoom out feature of your internet browser to see more of the world around you by pressing control + / - on a PC or command + / - on a Mac. Pressing command 0 or control 0 will get you back to seeing the world at 100%.

🚲  Topi Bike

We heard you might have a need for speed, so we made the Topi bike available for everyone to use! Here is how you can use your own:

  • Head to your favorite world

  • Click on your own Topi avatar and selected the bike stance

Watch the world fly by as you take a scenic tour around the world with your friends or frenemies!