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🔩  Topia Public API

Advanced programmatic tools at your fingertips!

👷  Public API
🗝️  API Key Generator 
🔑  Interactive Key Pairs
🏗  Software Development Kit (SDK)

👷  Public API

This goes out to all of our World Builders, Makers, and Dreamers who want to build beyond what is currently possible in Topia. Head on over to the link below to experience our very first (drum roll, please 🥁) Public API!

Topia Public API Documentation

To our engineering-minded friends, our Public API has a plethora of programmatic goodies, including API calls for Media, Whitelisting, Scenes, Assets, and much much more! A world of engineering-driven customization is now at your fingertips. We can't wait to see what you make!


🗝️  API Key Generator

The final puzzle piece is in place to programmatically unleash Topia experiences never before seen by both Topis and humans alike: the ability to generate an API Key granting you keys to your virtual kingdom!

  • ​Go to Topia Dashboard.

  • Select Integrations.

  • Click the Generate New API Key button to get a key.

🔑  Interactive Key Pairs

Interactive key pairs (public and private) allow users to develop custom middleware applications or use “interactive” (middleware integrated) scenes acquired from Marketplace without needing the world owner's API key. The private key should be added to middleware applications to initialize an instance of the Topia SDK.  

Creating a key pair:

  • ​Enter a Topia world.

  • ​Click the My Account icon at the top of the toolbar and select Integrations.

  • You will be redirected to the Topia Dashboard.

  • Click "Add Key Pair"

To implement the key:

  • Enter Topia World 
  • Click the edit icon to open the Modify Asset drawer
  • Click Integrations
  • Add the public key to the Developer Public Key field

🏗  Software Development Kit (SDK) 

The Topia Client Library leverages the Topia Public API and allows users to interact with the Topia systems and modify their world programmatically. With the SDK, you can now build custom middleware features for Topia! All of the documentation about the SDK can be found on the Topia dashboard