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🌁  World Image

This preview banner is the first thing users will see while browsing through a list of worlds, and sits right above your world description. Think of it like a billboard for your world. To add one simply:

  • Enter your Topia world

  • Click the World Settings icon

  • Under World Configurations click Details & Visibility

  • Under World Image, click choose file and upload a 426x240 image or one roughly in those dimensions.

    Note: This will also be the image that appears on the landing page for your world.

  • To delete a previous world image, click Remove World Image

  • Collapse the page by clicking the ❘← icon in the top right corner or close the page and drawer by clicking on the ✕ in the drawer

Advanced Sizing Info:

The dimensions of the world image are dynamic based on card size (which is based on the users viewport / screen size). Here's a rundown of the ratios:

Dynamic Ratios (based on screen size):
World image card (actual minimum): 1.8 : 1
World image card (most likely max): 2.7 : 1
World image card (actual max): 3.8 : 1

Fixed Ratios:
World image on landing page: 2.2 : 1
World image card small and table: 1.6 : 1