🖼️  Scenes

Everything you need to know about using a scene and saving your own scenes

When you create a new world in Topia it will come with one of our scenes or templates pre-populated. The scene can be changed at any time - you can choose from a collection of our scenes or start from a blank slate. Each scene can be further customized to fit your needs.

📐  Change the Scene

The World Owner as well as Designer, Producer and Manager admins can change the scene in a world. Follow these steps to update the scene in your world:

  • Go to your world

  • Click the Library icon

  • Click Topia Scenes

  • Select a scene and click the Drop icon to place it in your world or the Replace icon to replace everything in the world with the scene selected


🎨  Create a New Scene

Easily save your world as a scene so that you can use it again in the future. Only the World Owner or Manager admins can create a scene. Follow these simple steps to save your own scene:

  • Inside your world, click the Library icon

  • Click Create Scene

  • Add a name and description.

  • To share the entire scene with the general public, click the toggle next to Submit to Marketplace? (learn more here)

  • Click Save Scene

Your scene will now appear in the My Scenes menu and can be used any world in which you are the owner or a manager.

🎁  Share a Scene

Send a copy of your scene to anyone that you are connected to or anyone that's on your friends list. 

  • Click on the conversations icon or the message icon on the person's peer video screen
  • Click the three-dot menu in the conversations drawer 
  • Click share scene to open your scene library
  • Find the scene you want to share
  • Click the send icon under the actions column
    • The person receiving the scene will receive a message that the scene has been shared with them. Once they accept it, the scene will be added to their personal scene library. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Scenes

When can I use a scene?

A scene can be dragged and placed anywhere in a world that you own.

Drop Scene vs. Replace Scene

  • Drop: An entire scene can be dropped and added to the current layout of a world. The scene can be dragged and placed anywhere in a world that you own or have manager privileges.

  • Replace: As a world owner, you have the ability to replace the entire layout of a world with a scene.